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American Canine Association
The American Canine Association also known as ACA mantains a friendly customer service center, providing information to our customers on dog
registration procedures, health tracking, veterinary referrals, legislative issues and canine industry. Registered owners of all ACA registered dogs have 24
hours access to Ask-A-Vet and Ask-A-Trainer service free of charge for the life of their dog.
American Dog Owners Association
The American Dog Owners Association was originally established in Detroit, Michigan in 1970 to combat illegal dog fighting and promote responsible
ownership. Today, the American Dog Owners Association, or the ADOA, has grown over the years to become the nation's oldest and largest member-
based organization representing dog owners.
The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
The Guiding Principles of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America are: to preserve and protect the Bernese Mountain Dog and promote
understanding and appreciation of the breed; to do all possible to improve the health of the breed; to strive to bring all the qualities described in the
BMDCA Standard of the Bernese Mountain Dog to perfection; Advocate honesty and integrity in all matters concerning the BMDCA and Bernese
Mountain Dogs.
American Rare Breed Association
The mission of the American Rare Breed Association is to serve and protect the "Rare Breed Dog" here in the United States. To promote and educate
the public dog fancier about over 130 or more breeds from around the world that are not now recognized by the major kennel club of the United States,
the American Kennel Club.
Camping Pet Adventure Club
Dogs love the great outdoors and we want to help you get them out there. Not only do we list places for you to take your dog, all of the businesses
that list with us offer a discount to you if you sign up for our membership club. We offer pet-friendly lodging and activities in each state and Canada,
and all of them give discounts to our members, just for being a dog owner.
Dog Lovers Wine Club
"Love My Dog, Love My Wine" - Carivintas Winery and animal shelters across the United States are proud to bring you the Dog Lovers Wine Club.
This is your place to purchase premium wine and celebrate the unique bond we have with dogs. Each month we'll deliver to your doorstep a couple of
bottles of wine made exclusively for you by award-winning California winemakers. No two of our wines will ever be the same. You'll love our labels.
Each month a new dog illustration created just for that month's wine.
Dog Registry of America
Tired of registration & documentation hassles? Starting your own blood line? Lost or never had papers? Developing new breeds? Breed not
recognized? DRA Registers all purebred dogs. For many years the DRA has recognized breeds such as Jack Russell Terrier, Rat Terrier, Border
Collie. Toy Fox Terrier, Neapolitan Mastiff, Dutch Shepherd, American Bulldog, and many others as Pure Bred. Register once for the life of your dog.
No membership fees or annual dues.
Good Dog Agility Club
Good Dog Agility Club is a group of people in the Arizona area who are active in the sport of agility. We developed this site as a resource for our members and for anyone interested in agility and having fun with their dogs. We welcome anything related to dog agility in general.
Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America
Owners of mixed breeds can enjoy the thrill of competing for titles in obedience, conformation, tracking and much more. The Mixed Breed Dog Clubs
of America (MBDCA) is a national registry for mixed breeds, providing many of the same opportunities that the American Kennel Club (AKC) offers for
The Westminster Kennel Club
In 1877, New York was well on its way to becoming the world's greatest city. This was the year that a group of sporting gentlemen decided that this
would be a good time to hold a dog show in Manhattan. It didn't take long before the Westminster Kennel Club, following the lead of its home town,
would be on its way to becoming the world's greatest dog show.
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